I was looking for an image for a post, and some beautiful word art took me to this blog, where I noticed a tab for a Gratitude page.  I decided there needed to be one here.  And yes, “being thankful changes things.”

image 5.) Being a friend. Sunday I had a usual conversation with a friend, my usual three questions: (1.) How are you? (2.) How are things? (3.) How can I pray for you? The last question was progressive and powerful for watching walls come down and seeing my friend realize just how much she is known and loved by God and by me, as I had already been praying for the things I knew she needed but hadn’t asked for. My Dear Friend, if you find this, know that you remain in my prayers. You are loved — by me, by many, and especially by our Lord Jesus Christ. To any reading this, never underestimate the power of Christ’s love to work through his people via the power of the Holy Spirit. (24 NOV 2013)


Ester Evarest Felix, 2013

4.) Ester Evarest Felix Ester is a tiny and spirited little five year-old girl I sponsor in Tanzania through Compassion International. I love Compassion International — which is why I feature their widget on both of my blogs — and this girl inspires me. She is in kindergarten, her parents were never married. The location of both of her parents is listed as “Unknown.” Are they dead, did they abandon her, what happened? Truths I want to know, but can’t ask. She lives with an aunt and female cousins. The aunt has no husband and works as a farmer. If you know anything about statistics, this is a girl who could easily fall off the planet. My $38 a month keeps her from falling off the planet. In her latest letter, she said she wants to be a nurse. I love and am so proud of this tiny girl. (23 NOV 2013)


3.) Dear friends who are dear saints. There is a great grace in the gentle and quiet love of abiding friendship, among the communion of saints, amid a rising storm (that exact sentiment being exactly why there is a communion of saints). There is so much grace in: “We will not try to fix you, to force you, we very much wish to just love you, please just be.” But that can be a very difficult grace to embrace at times. I’m getting better at it. (Love to C & D M.; 22 NOV 2013)

2.) Beautiful days of blue skies when the clouds drift off in clean, clear air. (21 NOV 2013)

1.) Jesus. (20  NOV 2013)


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